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Interior Design

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Renovation Contractor

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办公室重整装修 | KOBAY G SDN BHD

SPADES CONCEPT | 双层半独立式装修项目

Why Do You Need An Interior Designer?

Looking for the ideal style and design for your small condo interior design? Have a ton of ideas and expectations for your dream space but are still unsure how to bring them into real life?

Why suffer yourself when you could pass it on to professionals? With professional interior design firms like Spades Concept, you can rest assured and wait for designs to come up to you!

We, Spades Concept, provide services that include office interior design, condominium interior design, and space planning. Our renovation contractor team also provide renovation works, including renovation for house and other spaces. Also, we could develop any style, including classic modern interior design. Consult your ideal interior designer from Spades Concept today!

Rising Star - Interior Design Malaysia

No doubt, the interior design Malaysia industry is still in its growing phase. However, why not join and become one of our boosters to make home renovation Malaysia projects glow brighter and be known worldwide?

Since 2015, Spades Concept has been designing and building up more than hundreds and thousands of desired workspaces and homes. As the rising interior design company in Malaysia, we help puzzle up your ideas while providing you with a wide range of choices.

We prioritize your opinions and thoughts. Everything will be built in your ideal style combined with our professional skills and knowledge. Talk to us today and get the best helper to build your DREAM SPACE.

The Top Interior Designer Malaysia Team

Despite surviving in this underappreciated industry in Malaysia, Spades Concept has gained lots of valuable experience with each client and improved with a higher standard.

Our team consists of creative and experienced interior designer Malaysia professionals. Every project is complete, in tip-top condition, and well-prepared here at Spades Concept. Our team strives to provide customers with the best services and high-quality designs.

Supporting locals could help improve our local economy and avoid arguments due to cultural differences. In addition, it could save you a lot of money and effort to get the best design and start to build up your space. Contact us to begin your build-up journey today!

Renovation House - Bringing A New Look To Your Lovely Home

Feel the boredom of returning to a home looking the same as the past ten or even twenty years and thinking of having a change? Not satisfied and have many visible shortcoming places to point out with your current house living in? Do not worry. We are here to help with the renovation house!

The only thing you have to do is to tell us your demands and requirements. Then, we will solve it while giving you the best answer. Of course, if you have any solutions to add, we are more than willing to listen and try our best to bring them into the design.

As you grow, your house will have to upgrade too. Living and returning from work to a more comfortable home feels much better. Remember that house is not just architecture; it is our beloved home, our shelter.

Meet Our Excellent Office Interior Designer

Are you searching for a space planning interior design team? Need a professional condo interior design professional to build modern luxury interior design? Want to get assistance from experts for your office interior design?

Look no further. You can get an innovative office interior designer at Spade Concept. Based in Penang, Malaysia, we are dedicated to providing a professional and creative service in decorating and building your place. Request "renovation contractors near me" on our website, and we will reach you soon to build your dream house!

In a day, we could help you build the starting point so you will be clear about where and how to start. Also, you could work on the right path and not waste your precious time.

The Best Interior Design Penang Company

Whether you need planning, consultation, or a design concept, we have it all here in Penang, Malaysia. No more traveling from far to the capital, now just a short drive from your house. You can Google "interior design near me" and visit Spade Concept, the best interior design Penang company.

We offer onsite real-life measurements so you can fully utilize your working and living space along with a proper house renovation Malaysia budget.

To present the best for you, we provide a 3D drawing design concept. You can feel and foresee the finishing idea of your space in terms of furniture locations, construction layout, and coloring texture.

Furthermore, Spades Concept always follows up with the progress of our project and constructs it according to the agreement confirmation. We also conduct site supervision to ensure progress is on time, on track, and on target.

Want to Start Your Renovation Malaysia Project?

No matter the concept design, construction, or choosing the most suitable furniture, we are ready for you. You can get everything about renovation Malaysia done here in Spades Concept.

Style your space with Spades Concept. Our years of successful projects prove we are the desired space planning partner for many families and companies. We believe that our service will never cause you to regret supporting local.

The Leading Interior Design Company In Town

Spades Concept is the interior design company that gathers all your creativity, knowledge, and skills as if puzzles, pairing them up and forming your ideal place. We won't let your imagination stay only in mind; We bring it to reality.

In Spades Concept, we play it wild. No matter how out of mind your ideas and thinking are, we will still figure it out. At least, something similar to what you are expecting. You’ll get your ideal home according to your dream style.

Your Best Choice Among All Interior Design Companies

Why choose Spades Concept among all the interior design companies in the world?

We provide and specialize in services include of interior design and renovation for a house or working ambient. We believe that passion is the basis that has made Spades Concept unique to our customers.

We want your house to be just what you think. In Spades Concept, we devote ourselves to bringing the best high-quality service. No more hassles in building your dream home!

Renowned Interior Design Kuala Lumpur Company

Why choose Spades Concept among all interior design companies Malaysia team? What is so special about our interior design Kuala Lumpur company?

With the same resources, we will be the interior design KL company that could maximize all resources and your ideas, developing them into the best design you have been keeping in mind.

We work it out only because we are passionate about designing. Ask for "interior home design near me" on our website, and we’ll contact you and make your home design ideas realistic!